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Statement of Warranty/Disclaimer

Pipe Fuser ("Seller") warrants for a period of two years from the date of shipment that the products sold and repaired by it to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, Seller's obligation under this warranty being limited, at Seller's sole discretion, to repairing or replacing the products determined by Seller to be defective or to providing a refund of the purchase price, less an allowance for services rendered by the product prior to the warranty claim.

For repair work, only replacement parts are covered under this Warranty, with labor and freight costs charged to the customer.

This warranty does not apply to any product or component that has been repaired or altered by anyone other than Seller or has become damaged due to abuse, misuse, negligence, casualty or normal wear and tear.

Warranty applies when the product is returned to Seller freight prepaid and is determined to have been defective.  The product must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization number (available from Seller) and information related to the claim.  The return shipping address and contact information details are:

PipeFuser Inc. formerly known as "GeoThermal Tools Inc."
17 Hilltop Rd
Kinnelon, NJ 07405
Tel. 973-810-5423 - Fax. 973-810-5424

E-mail: info@pipefuser.com

Seller accepts no responsibility whatsoever of liability for fusion joints.  Operation and maintenance of the product is the responsibility of others and beyond the control of Seller.  We recommend qualified joining procedures be followed when using Seller's fusion equipment.  The user is also responsible for determining the applicability of governmental regulations relating to the use of the Seller's products and for all other aspects of the use of such products.

The remedies of the Buyer are the exclusive and sole remedies available and Buyer shall not be entitled to receive any other special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages.

This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, which are disclaimed.


All authorized returns must be in new and undamaged condition.

Returned items for credit will be subject to a restocking charge varying from 25% to 50% of the original price, depending on the condition of the returned item.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept any materials returned without our express authority.
Returns must be freight prepaid.



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